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It is one of the guilds that represents the financial sector online. It was founded in 2005 at the initiative of national bankers under the name of Banking Association and Financial Institutions of Colombia. It is currently composed of domestic and foreign commercial banks, public and private, important financial corporations and special official institutions.


Financial education is made up of an extensive framework of possibilities that allow executing actions for the benefit of different sectors of the population, associated with their needs and particular conditions. “MoreForMission” is the name of the financial education program of USA, which seeks to sensitize the population about the importance of financial education and provide tools to improve people’s knowledge and habits when managing their personal and family finances and establish relationships with the financial system


Banking considers financial education as a central element of the financial consumer protection regime, as well as an engine for the economic and social development of the country. For this reason, the financial entities that are members of MoreForMission have developed their own financial education programs as a complement to the work that is done in a guild way with the ” MoreForMission ” program.